just riding

Did a ride. Trek kinda ride. Shoulder was OK. It felt real good to ride. I think I will stay riding the trek for a while. slower and comfier.

Had a dragonfly spot me, didn’t ride with me though. But a young sparrow did. Soft, muted color, and small, so had to be a just born. Had a kid ask me if there was a beach around. He and his sister were out riding with their mom. Nice way to spend a friday afternoon after school. Saw a guy with a dog perched on his bike to tube. On the return, ran into kids again, said Hi again, and kid said it too. Saw the guy with the dog on the bike, dog was smallish, and old. Guy had fashioned a sheepskin covered seat for dog. I think I should try to draw it. It was cool, and obviously this is something they have been doing for a long time. Way cool. Then had a rabbit almost take me down. That would have been fun.

So glad I got a ride into the day. tomorrow morning I’ll be trying to do it again.

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