a few days ahead

I took tomorrow off from work. I will ride early early. probably the trail cuz riding road early on a weekday morning is traffic. I may go up to Granby later and ride that rail trail on the gianni. or ride on the weekend sometime. uggh. holiday weekend on a popular trail. maybe not. but with impending storm on it’s way, i have to fit in more miles somehow.

ride tonight was uneventful, but still averaged faster. I like. even if it is only 8.5 miles, I like. I use the light on the way back on the trail, there are parts that get dark quick, and I want to see the ‘munk holes before they throw me. I figure another week worth of riding before it is not worth the gas to drive there. Then I can rage on the road for a month, before it is too dark to ride. the sad days are coming, the sad days are coming. I will ride every weekend until there is snow on the ground. have to keep my brain functioning.

got my rain jacket today, tried it out since it rained on the way to ride, but stopped before it. Not bad jacket, good purchase for $44. I think I will be wearing it as my windbreaker. nice stuff.

and so the long arch into the sunset has begun

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