a good ride

Although I wanted to get going earlier, I did get out on the road by 10am. Did not realize the cyclometer was not going to start anew for the trip, so it was cumulative. Gotta figure that one out. I did not want to use the phone mount and GPS, so I pulled that off. Put phone in camel bak. Listened to my music that way. Good. I think I got in the 15 miles again, have to check. The first half I was not in a good spot, but I know that once I get riding, sometimes the love takes over. Yeah. Love. I love to bike. I really really have missed my passion for far too long. And I want a road bike dammit. I want to zip.

So I sit in my room, with jazz playing, trying to drown out the fucking TV. I really am getting tired of this noise. really really tired of it. It will get to being less and less soon, as soon as I can get mom to learn how to take her own readings. Screw him. he can go to hell.

oh yeah, heard the first cicada yesterday at home. and this morning here. It is now summer. seems a bit early in the month for them, but then again, this year has been screwy weather. actually the past two years have been really screwed up. yup. ain’t no such thing as global warming or climate change. but why is what is happening exactly what was said to be the pattern of weird weather? years ago whent he theory was first put out there. By gore? huh? is he a prophet? or a whack job? you decide.

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