a longer ride to make up

not ridden for i think 2 weeks. so i fired up a bowl on my way to the parking spot. no one there which was nice, I beat them. saturday morning. early-ish. I started riding and a smile came across my face. this is how I want to live. smiling, happy, free. on my bike. The people out riding were not real friendly, I said good morning to each one, and few replied, certainly none initiated the greeting. weird. i mean here they are on a nicely maintained gravel trail, riding a bike, and they are wrapped up in their own world, scowling, or rising hard so they cannot see the green. to each their own. I came to my longer turn around, and decided to continue. it started to go more downhill, so I went for a bit until I felt like it would cut into my time to get back. I could have ridden all day long. I had to be at Lauren’s for 2:30 and with shower and packing up for a day/evening babysitting, I needed some time. I’d not ridden stoned for ages and ages it seems. This is something I must correct.

The more disconcerting thing was that a cop rode by. He did say hello. but wearing a glock and a baton and all the other cop crap made me feel weird. glad that the area is patrolled, just not when I am riding. He was moving at a pretty good pace too. When I was back at my car, he came back along the trail. I said hi first this time. Just bummed me out a bit. 

This morning it is raining, but I think there is a break soon. I will go ride again. Yes, two days in a row. I hope to be able to ride again on Wednesday after work. And maybe sometime this coming weekend also. Just have to ride.

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