a surprise of a ride

yeah, I wanted to test out the seat height, so I put the gear on, and a rear light, and hopped on the Gianni and took off down the road. First “road” ride. It was 6:45pmso not much time til the sun went behind the hills.

I was surprised. 

The seat felt the right height, a good guess I guess. I had raised my stem about 3/4 inch, just cuz I felt I was bent over too much. The seat is good, the cut out middle is just right. A bit squishy seat, but comfy comfy. 

But that was not my surprise

I felt good. I felt wonderful. and I had no thoughts of racing. I did not realize that until I had turned around to come back. I was riding for the pure joy of riding. I stopped for a photo I saw. I watched cows, and looked for deer. I passed a runner, and a beagle walker. Not many cars on the road I took. But when I decided that I should turn back, after about 20 minutes, and no downhill, so I was rising all so subtly going out, I started to smile. Big smile. No racing. Just a smooth ride on the old bike. The downhill was short, but so sweet. That feeling of total oneness. With life.

Oh how I love the smell of cow shit in the evening.

Still smiling. Amazing how a half hour can make you feel so damned good. 

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