Airline blues

Rode airline. Meh. It is a boring ride. The leaves though did not get totally chewed. The caterpillars 🐛 have already finished and are moths. Sitting on the trees. Making their next year sacs. Seems early for them to be doing this, but sure glad about it. They did not deforest the trees this year, so maybe no more will die. Only passed 4 riders, the second group were dour faced grumps who were not smiling. I mean how can you NOT smile when you are out riding! No one is forcing you to be out riding. I will never understand the casuals.
 Tonight i think i will ride pachaug to see how the bugs are. Should be a bit cooler. Might break out the deet. I probably should get a new helmet too. Sigh. Mine is over ten years old. Get one with MIPS just in case. Uggh.
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