and in springtime, there comes renewal

oldie but a goodie

i got off my ass and did a ride on Monday. I wanted to check out the Raleigh, since Chris crashed it last October. She said the bike malfunctioned. More like she was not experienced enough to handle a downhill (slight) turn through a narrow gate. Something she should have stopped and walked through. I should have instructed her to walk if she was not sure, or felt unsafe.

The bike was perfect. I may decide to ride this one more often, rode it Monday and yesterday, Tuesday. Rain today and a bit chilly. Maybe I will go ride later on. It depends on how much I get done in the house. This quarantine/stay at home stuff is getting old. The furlough is getting old. My unemployment check did not come in today, I will see what is going on. I got a modern stem adapter for the old girl, thinking about doing a different cockpit on it. we shall see.

the Trek is sitting, waiting for me to be adventurous and ride some off road. I may try again. Just so scared of falling. My balance has been good lately, not had any dizziness or vertigo of late. Maybe it is the stress of work? I’m not really doing anything different. hmmmm. ok, time to fix the real blog.

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