and stupid rides

let’s see, rode on 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 9th. The last being the longest and could have gone further. took a digger on out leg at that gate that is a pain. i took too sharp of a turn into it. and tires could not hold. only hit my hand and bars, unclipped in time. no damage, but yeah, my right shoulder is a bit stiff today. but felt good, so I rode on. on way back at hippie house, that gate bit my left pinky, I grabbed, well, I hit it with my hand, and pinky took the brunt. it might be broken, swollen and painful. But I will ride today, probably late in day. the bike has handlebar creak now after the dig. I have to fix that. annoying. or maybe I will just relax and clean house and air up the road bike tires, in anticipation that i will ride on road this week sometime. maybe up and back on 169. poo I have to see if my old road shoes fit! hmmmm.

that last ride was 10 miles. I expect nothing less than 10 from now on. until it gets dark too early. even then, i have lights. committed now to riding. it is my element, it is my life

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