back to riding

been riding again. which also means have been spending more time in granby, which is not good. but whatever. Cloudy today. but did a bit more than my usual. So this may become my usual now, feeling fitter although have not really lost any weight. 

Worked on the raleigh a bit this week. I am going to go back to the old stem, put the drop bars on that, instead of trying to hunt down a brake cable hanger. Or not, we’ll see this week. As soon as that is decided, I can finish the bike for now. See how it rides. no more money dumped into it until I see how it rides. If it rides OK, then I fix up. If it rides like crap, I save for a new bike to tour on. 

And I am thinking that maybe Mike and I should think about a two day vacation up in Maine, along where I want to ride. Do some recon on the roads and facilities. Yeah, might be a good little October getaway. Find a kennel for willow. or take her with us. hmmm. gotta think that one out. But I want to ride more and more. It feels so good to just feel the road under my butt. Powered by me. It will be good for the diabetes and for my head. yup

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