Brakes for raleigh

I am looking into new brakes for the raleigh. I think the dia compe 985/6 will work, self contained i believe. I am going to have to spend 65 on them to just find out. I might wait until i get my trek more comfortable. I put the old stem back on the raleigh and those funky hbars. It might work, just have to hook them up this coming week and see if the biopace feels that weird.

The trek will get new grips, and to do that i will need to get new shifters, and mit as well integrate them with brake levers. Not a bad upgrade and it will give me more room on the bars.

Rode the week before last, and now with DST i will be taking a bike with me to work and go immediately to ride after work. I have to lose this weight and get my sugar under control. After spending so much fucking money on the damn car, my vacation will be a quick one in september again, this time probably to maine. We will see. Find some rail trails there and ride and camp and ride more. No distractions of the cape. Yeah right. Maine coastline might be a good place to retire. Cheaper than here, quieter, ocean. Let see what things will bring. And maybe today i take some pics of equipment and do my first sales on ebay.

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