chafe city

I put the b17 on. set it up nice. I started the ride, it was comfy, broken in, it gave a bit on the sit bones which was nice. it fits. Then the area under, started to chafe. It was one side to start, then both. I thought it was my jeans, but the seam was not rubbing. maybe it was the chamois in the shorts folding up. But whatever, I probably will not ride today, a beautiful day. it is sore, and chafed. Best to let it heal than to even attempt a ride. Pachaug was pretty. I did get winded on a rise, same as last week, but this time I must have been traveling faster, I had to stop and catch my breath. the airline has made me soft. no the airline got me riding all summer. I just never pushed myself while riding it. I have to remember to ride harder next year. do those sprints. Or I will be stuck in walk up push bike on any substantial incline.

I will ride the exercise bike today, put in at least ten minutes, maybe more. The rollers setup is going soon. and the trainer too. not going to get fat over the summer. I have cut out any sort of extra sugar in the form of donuts, cookies, cake etc. I still have my half tsp in my coffee and in my tea. next will be the limiting of gluten, see if that cuts down my inflammation. 

i also got a king cage, to fit my keen canteen. it is a work of art. stainless steel glory. I will get a regular one for the other bottle mount. or for the gianni/crescent.

Maybe I will bake bread today

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