Change in lattitude

Before my ride yesterday, i changed the angle of my saddle. Nose down a bit. When I rode, the seat was slippery, which i did not notice last week. The seat is nice and comfy on the back side, but that nose is still too hard. I got a little chafe, one side. But i had to keep pushing myself back on the seat, i was slipping off. Didnt angle it down much at all. Funny how a small angle adjustment can change the ride so much. I am going to try moving the seat forward a bit so it is softer under my front. And put the angle back. I could not ride no hands because i could not keep an aft position on the bike. I will also loosen up the nose adjustment. See if that gives me more comfort.

Quite a few riders out on the trail and we were all dressed in hi-vis. It was chilly but not too cold. There were a ton of robins in one area, must have been a gathering before they all fly south. It was pretty strange to see them like that, usually they gang up in spring when they first return.
 One of these days I am going to ask a group of riders if they are just friends riding or part of some organized “we ride at dawn” group. I might like riding with a group again, once in a while. Might motivate me to ride a bit harder to get in better shape so i dont get winded like last week. Yeah.
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