damn global warming

I finally got in a short ride last night after work. Did not do a ride up in Maine. Had to babysit the man. wasted three days with him. Couldn’t even do a hike, he had to sit. I asked him for months to go out every day and walk so he could get more in shape for the vacation. yeah right. I only rode around the campground. pitiful me.

but I digress

I think I can get in after-work rides until middle of next week. still enough light to push a bit. I will need my lights of course. And I really really might ride the raleigh into work. someday soon. 

after next week though, it will be riding on weekends, along with hiking. i like the hiking stuff, but my back gets awfully tight and painful. With not much in the pack. so I think I have to get in shape for that too. 

too much rain, heat and humidity all summer long. more than in past years. the rain was OK, we were in a drought, but the heat was more than I could take this year. getting old I guess

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