Did a good one

So at the end of my nice 15miler, i decided to go further down to the end of the line at the river, about another quarter mile. But there it was, a bridge finished to get over the river. Yay! Signs saying that the trail may flood, and by the looks of the hundreds of dead worms, that storm that flashed thru the other day and dumped 2-3 inches in a few hours, flooded the trail. This was on the Hop River trail, which spurs off airline. It is paved. It goes up to i think rt 6. And i followed it to what i thought was the turn, it wasnt, instead it was a soggy entrace to a very dirty trailhead, not the hop river one. I went to circle around and somehow i lost it. Might have been going too slow. But down i went, left side. Bike was upside down, i was lying there and feeling ok except for a big hurt on my ankle. I got up quickly looked at ankle and saw blood. Oh boy. I pulled down my sock to get a better look and the skin was parting like the red sea. I knew immediately i wasnt going to be able to patch it up with band aids. I sat on a rock, took off my bandana and bound up the gash. I was about a mile from my car, and this thing was hurting! I was able to soft pedal back to car and took off my sock and shoe, and bound it up a bit tighter. I figured it was 5 inches long, and was not too dirty, but my shoe was blood soaked. I was going to go all the way back to norwich to go to backus, but then the pain was starting to come on, and the blood was almost dripping from my leg, so i asked siri to get me to the hospital. Windham. I was there just under an hour, getting cleaned up and stitched up. Sweet service! He numbed it up pretty good, its been 6 hours and i still dont feel any real pain from it, still numb to the touch. When it wears off it will scream for sure. 14 days for the stitches stay in, and yeah, I will ride soon. Maybe not tomorrow, but yeah, soon. And my helmet will be on my head. And i may go to platform pedals. I dont need to be setting any speed records, especially at my tender age. I expect to be sore tomorrow but i will numb that somehow.

And i want to ride my bike.

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