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I woke up yesterday, very hot and humid outside, and I just did not feel like doing a trail ride, the drive etc. SO I had my Gianni ready. Or so I thought. I took it out, parked over at the wheelabrator boat launch, and mounted. It was a bit scary, wondering if the few cars would be close by. the feeling of them passing was weird. I eventually got used to it on the ride back, used my daytime running light on the back, maybe that helped, maybe it had no effect. I have some work to do on the bike, skinnier chain for the 8pd cassette I have back end, one of the brake levers was loose. and the ft brake squeals like it is being skinned alive. That has to be fixed for sure before I ride it again. Tonight I will get the straps I need to mount the rack on the car, and fix those ft brakes. then maybe tomorrow I will do a ride after work. I did a surprising 7+ miles, even with the soaking humidity and only a couple gears, and the brake lever. My trail will be the weekend ride, as it is too far to drive, and then ride, pretty much now, but for sure by end of week. sun is setting at 7 now. that is half a ride after it. I will try that tomorrow if the road is not fixed up. we see. maybe I squeeze in a few more weekday trail ride.

I noticed on the ride yesterday, squished garden snakes, squished frogs of toads, squished chipmunks. On the trail they are alive. one big difference

sold that stuff on ebay, now to sell more.

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