dodging wooly bears

boy I needed that ride. Lots of catepllars out there on the trail. hope I missed most of them. Their color seems to be more brown, which according to folklore means a milder winter. There were a few that had no backend black. A sure sign I hope. But according to a new theory, it could be an indicator of the previous year. which fits.

a noticeable drop in the hi-vis green people. more what is available to block wind color. it was breezy out there, had a headwind all the way out. fine by me. I had my panniers mounted, so I could make sure I had heel clearance. Yup, works. So pulled them off. Rode with my handlebar bag. Realized I really need to re-do the brake levers, need them further apart, hard to handle steering when they are so close, and pulling hard on them. So, that means there are some changes to the base of the bike. That will come over the winter.

Lots of people walking their dogs. lots of kids, lots of walkers. no nose-to-the-stem racer types. thankfully. it was as always, so nice to see so many people riding bikes. makes my heart soar. All those years I rode, and saw no one out. it’s fashionable now I guess. or maybe this more affluent area has always been like this, they value family time, together time, exercise time. I’ve missed this for so many years. what happened?

The $16.99 tights I bought at TJ Maxx are good. That will give me a few more weeks of riding. It may be only Sundays, that is OK. I do plan on re-starting a new Year’s day ride, like I used to do, when I had soul, had my heart in the right place.

The gianni is going to get stripped to bones, and cleaned up good. Have to get the hubs repacked on those new wheels I bought, they don’t seem to be all that smooth. I don’t have a tool to adjust them, with that cassette hub setup. But they are going to look so damn slick when I get them on the bike. If I had the money I’d do it soon, but unfortunately the money is a problem. I may decide to use the MTB for the tour next year. It may be all I can afford. It will do OK.

and now, for the rest of my life. riding is my church. I love it. I really have to get over the fear of riding in Norwich, with the hills. Riding will be OK. I have to get to finding a box to send Cheryl her second grocery pannier. It hits my heels on the MTB, so, no use to me. I can use the touring panniers if needed. I just have to really make a commitment to make my life better. my life quality has to get back to my roots, my heart. My focus needs to return. I cannot live much longer in the manner hat I have lived my life the past decade or so. I have to make changes.

and here is my bike today

IMG 1587

One thought on “dodging wooly bears

  1. I’m so glad you got a ride in!!!! SOOOOOOO glad!

    Beautiful picture. Perfect riding time. (Well, maybe _near_ perfect. Probably just a bit chilly.)

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