Etiquette and riding your bike.

I’ve been maybe harping on this a bit, but it seems that I am not the only one.

Smiling doesn’t slow you down. It’s not less aero. And even if it was, big fucking deal. When it comes right down to it, smiling only makes you look less like a jerk. No one has ever said, “I thought that guy looked fucking pro, but then he nodded and smiled and, bam! Express train to goobertown.” Folks in hi-viz vests may not know any better. I get that. Folks in hi-viz booties most certainly do. If you’re going to appropriate colo(u)rs ironically, at least don’t appropriate the ignorance of neophytes ironically. It just makes you a dick. Un-ironically. And, hey. if you’re going to ride my wheel, you have to at least say hello. Would you bum a ride from a friend and then siphon his gas while he’s buying you a sixer at the beerstore? Of course not. Same thing. You are a guest on my wheel. I am expending energy so that you may rest. Acknowledge the generosity of this transaction.

In short, it doesn’t matter how awesome you are. I’m not asking to be your friend. I don’t want you to buy me a beer. I don’t want you to rent me shoes All I am asking is that you literally lift a finger. Two if you’re feeling jovial. Three if you get a paycheck from Brazzers. Whether passing or being passed, just fucking acknowledge that you and I are both on the road, enjoying a similar pastime. Smile. Wave. Say hello. Don’t be a jerk. Be cool instead of trying to look cool.


I mean, what can it harm you to just acknowledge me as I say “Hi” or “Good Morning”? Jesus christ, did your mom not teach you manners? I think on my next Sunday ride, I will take a count of all those who do not reply to my greeting. Not that the type would be reading this blog, but, well, to make me feel better and to not give them asses any room.

yeah… what I said!

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