finally a ride

and it was a nice ride. Pachaug of course. Had on my new pedals and rode with my timberlands on. I liked! 

i was able to move my foot position on the pedal to help with the twisted knee that is taking it’s sweet time to heal. The snow was soft and the noise when riding over the virgin stuff was like a smush. It was 40 on the road so drop a few degrees for in the forest. but the snow was not melting so who knows. I was warm with the layers i had on. the EMS techwick base, BAP waffle topper, the nice gore bib shorts that zip up, and my EMS hi-vis wind jacket. Jeans šŸ‘– on the bottom which was the only negative. got a bit sore in the crotch. i will wear my tights next weekend. I used the new craft gloves and at first they had my top end fingers kinda cold. i wore them over the thumbhole covering and put my riding gloves on over, so really the only part that was not double layer were the fingers. but it wasn’t bad and they warmed up. A pretty decent ride to the pond. i needed it bad. I will try to do the double next weekend. and change my seat back to one with the center cutout. 

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