Finally the first of the year

Since it was going to snow/rain/freeze today (it is) had to do a ride yesterday. Next week may be tough, and the past few weeks I have taken care of grands. Layered on up and went. I had just the right amount of layers, did not get cold and did not overheat. The forest was quiet, the road is gated now. Yay! 

Not many walkers, no riders. I could have gone longer, but my feet were just starting to get a bit chilled. Next ride I will bring my backpack so I can tuck a layer in there. Or figure out what type of bag I can use on the bike. I’m trying real hard the next few weeks to not spend anything so I can finally buy that new bike in the spring. I really want that Jamis. 

Tomorrow is holiday, but also the forecast is for single digit temps, so no way will I ride. I may decide to do a walk along airline, really depends.

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