finally time for a ride

with dad’s hospice beginning in late september, I spent one day every weekend taking mom to see him. and it seemed that it rained every weekend. My streak ended. But with a death comes a chance for new life.

Rode pachaug Sunday, crisp out so I wore a few layers, but I did not ride hard, so no problems with over-heating. slow go and I enjoyed it. I don’t ride for the speed, although more than a turtle would be nice. I will ride this weekend as well, maybe up on the rail trail in granby.

Real close to buying a fat bike. so I can ride in the snow this winter. But I really need a new Mac. And work on the house. and a gravel bike so that I can ride more without driving somewhere all the time. We will see… I also need dentures, and doctor’s appointments for my neuropathy and heart.

so a new streak will begin. If it snows early, I will probably wind up getting that bike.

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