first ride of the year

did it yesterday. 12 miles. A bit squiggly the first half mile, and a couple near falls, due to such a long time off. Wore the new Voler long sleeve jersey, it was perfect for the temp. No wind breaking thru. I took that pair of tights i bought last year and cut off the leg part to make leg warmers. I could not get the damned things over my butt. Yeah, all that weight i took off last year has all come back. But they worked well, no need to purchase new. Wish i still had the wool ones.

There was the predicted sea of hi-viz on riders. It’s every where now. Neon. That is one fashion trend that should have never made a comeback.

The bike was stiff but oh so nimble. That is one thing i missed riding the mtb. The responsiveness, the feel of the road. But i think that i will bring the mtb up during the week, and ride it too. I almost rode too far, about a mile from the end, i was really wanting to just get off the bike. So i guess i turned around at the right time

The white tire and white front wheel looked sharp. I hope to be able to get that rear wheel geared up by next week. Then it will be stellar!

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