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I took off from the house to ride. after a couple miles I remember my phone is in my purse, lying on my bed. shrugged shoulders and felt free. no strava. I rode 9 miles, same as yesterday plus a wee bit more. So I did not record it. yeah. I will make some sort of manual log and keep things that way. strava and no strava rides. I think this is the third one, forgot phone one other time, and it did not work a couple weeks ago. Not sure how fast I rode, but that does not matter.

Think I will ride again tomorrow and probably won’t be able to ride Saturday cuz supposed to rain. Which is OK I have mom crap to handle. I have promised myself a reward of some sort of bike thing if I get the title 19 crap done by end of month. Just paid part of my car taxes, will finish paying next week and that is done. got those new tires last week and car feels great, ready for a summer of travelling to ride and hike places never done before. yup yup.

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