getting going and summertime

It is so hard for me to get going when it is summertime. The heat. and even worse, the humidity. The old bones are disliking the humidity more and more. When there is a haze you can feel and touch, it is humid. The sweat does not evaporate. You do not feel comfortable. and when you are overweight, it is even worse. I know I have to ride, and I know it will be sucky.

For my trip whenever, I think I am going to get some of these:

My new seat and tires will be here next week, for the raleigh touring. I am also thinking about finally using the old brooks leather saddle I have, break it in. But that is later, once I lose the weight. I joined adventure cycling, to give me inspiration, even though I am flat broke.

So I will try to get myself motivated to go ride now. sticky icky. But I will do it.

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