glad I rode today

IMG_13511-331x400Real glad I got off my ass and rode the bike this morning. It seemed as it was big man bike ride day. And I mean BIG man. There were a few out there riding today. Big big men. And a few of the regulars, the guy in the snap-on cap for one. I also came on a white scottie, sitting so pretty in a front basket of his/her owner. So cool to see that. I’ve seen dogs in the bike trailers, and even saw one that was in a doggie trailer, not a kiddie trailer. Spoiled doggies, but cool. I think it is so cool that there are so many families out riding on the trail. So nice. It bonds them and maybe the kids will grow up with fond memories of the togetherness. And that cycling is something that can be done throughout their life.

A dragonfly rode across my path again. Not with me though. bummer. :)

I rode without the music, and without any bike computer etc. Phone was tucked in my back pocket. I did turn on map my ride on the way back, I wanted to see how long the ride was. did 15 miles without a snit of trouble. Except that I really do not like using the hydration pak. It hurts my shoulders. But I was able to carry the wallet and tools etc. but it just is not me. maybe on a mountain bike it is good. Maybe I need to get over it. Tomorrow when I ride, I’ll use a bottle for my water, and leave the camel bak at home.

I am getting the riding blog running, I hope tomorrow. After I ride. It was running tonight, but the propagation was slow, so I got bitchy. Not sure why, but I was. So I moved it and of course, this stupid Cox cable is slow to pick up. might as well wait til tomorrow. I want to play with some custom post types. I want to have a spot to put in the day’s mileage. and the the of ride, on road bike or MTB. That might be a cool thing to learn.

and so… yeah it was a good ride.

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