goodness in a bike

I did get a nice ride in today. I have a cycloputer installed, and it said 12 miles. The gps on my iPhone using mapmyride said 5.8 to my turn around. so that is close and I trust the GPS more, so I will need to reset the cyclo. I also installed a mirror, it is pretty crowded on Sunday out there on the trail. And so many in considerate riders. When passing a rider, it is common courtesy to shout a bit, and say “on your left”. I almost got run over by someone passing me, while I was passing a walker, and I had let them know I was there. When I got to the end, the couple was sitting next to my car. I mentioned that if they wanted to be good bike citizens, that the courtesy shout is very appreciated. They both shrugged their shoulders. Privileged rich people care not for common courtesy. Asswipes.
but the ride was nice. beautiful day. and I felt good. I am going to try for a ride tomorrow, but not until the afternoon. Will try to do work in the quiet hours in the morning. I need the quiet. Tonight I am trying to read, but the TV is blasting. as usual. I ask him to turn it down, he does, and within 15minutes it is back up to jackhammer decibels. sigh.
I guess I learn how to work with the noise. I don’t think it is going to be possible though. I have been trying hard.

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