hi-viz alert! hi-viz alert!

Gosh there were a lot of riders wearing their hi-viz green wind jackets today. A sea of ugliness. Yes, I own one. I own a jersey as well, bought many years ago, when the color first appeared. It is now permeating the recreational sports arena. 

oh my

I finally got in a ride. a nice 25 miles. Windy, chilly. I wore my Sugoi long sleeve jersey, at first I wondered if I should have brought along my windbreaker, but by the 3rd lie, I was warmed up and the jersey was the right temperature. Nice jersey. The pull tab on the zipper locks into place so it does not dangle and tinkle. Nice jersey. I think I am set as far as a cool season jersey. Might have liked some leg warmers or light tights. If it gets cooler I will need them for sure. 

I had planned on riding the zippy. but I did not get together enough to do it, no saddle bag, no spare tube. Things that can be corrected. I figure I can get a nice set of sprockets for the rear wheel in the spring, when I have some money. I’ll just put the 28 gear on the current tubular rear. Use the nice white front wheel. Looks odd to me, but, hey… what the hell. I need to go into saving mode again, no idea how long it will be before I get a job done, or a new job in the door. In the mean time, the sunday rides on the MTB are fine. No pressure. I did hook up with three riders on the return leg, 2 guys and a woman. She was having some trouble with her pedal, and was slower. SO after they passed me, I hooked on to their draft. A good pace for me for a while. But my fitness level still lacks. It was nice to glide along with them for the ten minutes I hung there.

It’s so nice out, I think I am going to go for a drive now. Then do a bit more writing.

One thought on “hi-viz alert! hi-viz alert!

  1. I pooped out on a bike ride again this weekend. It’s been so smoky again that you just feel out of breath at the start. How bicyclist like bike-delivery people work in smoggy environments is a mystery to me.

    But it’s def getting into fall weather. Enjoy the drive. Later.

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