how deep is your love

I’m just now getting over Mike’s passing. Never thought that it would take so long. I even cried for a second yesterday. I did not ride much all year long. There were some EEE mosquitos in Pachaug that pretty much closed that down. And Chris came in mid-may. til November. We travelled by car everywhere. A whole lot of fun.

Now we have the virus. I will try to get out riding maybe tomorrow, or the next day. On furlough, so maybe I can seek out some other trails and try them out. I expect to have many more riders out on trails too. oh joy. When I do get out to see Chris in South dakota, I plan on riding Mickelson trail. Take in local flavor. and then we drive back to ct, which should be nice. Had planned on doing it beginning of may. Now it is going to be in September.Just as well, I prefer that month for everything.

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