I need. I need. I need. to. ride. dammit.

It’s been a nice week, but I’ve not ridden. Why, god only knows. Wednesday morning I got the call that dad was being discharged today. So now the stress sets in big time. 

I think I’ll ride zippy one more time before hauling it in for the season. Keep the MTB here in Granby and ride that. Bring zippy home and break it down and lube it up. Then get to work on building a touring trip bike. It may be that I use the MTB for it, or build the old mountain tour bike, or bring the old Crescent back to life. Decisions. Which one will be the less expensive to get rolling. We’ll see.

But now I want to ride. But it is raining out. But I have to go fetch Dad and then deal with that crap. But but but but. I sound like a baby. I should have ridden when I had the chance. I must ride whenever I get the moment, no more excuses. YEAH RIGHT

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