i really prefer the forest

riding the airline has made me soft. all flat. so i think that for my fall and winter training i will ride pachaug. much better going up and down and options to ride singletrack. yeah in the summer it is too buggy, but i hope to have a decent road bike to ride in the bug season.
 the trees are colored. the air saturday was chilly but warmed up nice. yesterday was beautiful. warm with a breeze. just enough. i rode carefree and did a bit more than usual. I will expand my ride the more in shape i get. yeah so much better and actually closer to get to.
 expecting my brooks saddle to arrive this week. yeah a nice B17 ws and broken in. hope my butt matches hers. that will go on the trek for now. then on the crescent once that is built. i have a solution for the crankset and for the gears. it will be done by spring
 think i will take off friday and go camping in pachaug
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