If there is no strava, is there a ride?

I started it, saw the blue bar, and then closed the screen, stuck phone into my bartender and rode. All the way to my slash tree turnaround. Then i did the campground and then down the 138 road, and then to my car. Probably 10 miles. Took out the phone to stop and save. Nothing. No blue bar. No recording. Nothing. A ride unrecorded. Just have to remember to tack on the ride at rhe end of the year.
 I had thought about doing airline but decided that i was not yet ready to be bored by straightness.
 I adulted and im getting new car tires instead of saving another three weeks to get my bike. The goal is to decide on a bike and buy it by my birthday. The salsa with those bolt nodes is probably not my bike. Renegade Expat. Steel and carbon. Yup. That most likely will be the new steed. Two more months. Ahhhhhhh
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