it’s a ride like today that make me fall in love all over again.

What an amazing day. perfect riding weather. perfect riding trail. yeah, a few trees blew down with the nasty storms that went through yesterday, but they were cleared. It was so friggin nice. I first felt it when I navigated around the first trail gates. The ease of the MTB in flowing from side to side, as long as it is not too tight, it flows, like it knows what I want to do, and does it with no effort. I rode just under 20 miles. It was zippy, but I did stop a few times, to take off jacket, to get my food out and things like that. 

Wearing the jacket at first, I took it off when the arms felt warm and damp against the fabric. I don’t care what the marketing says, gore text is not 100% like bare skin as far as breathing moisture. It is better than plastic or waterproof anything. 

When I was at about 8 miles, I started to think that I wanted to turn around. I did not want to ride anymore. Then I stopped a second, took out the kashi granola bars, the hard ones, and the grapes I brought. Started eating. I had been drinking the Nuun water, I brought, but I don’t think there is any energy in that water. As soon as I ate, I started to feel better. Now mind you, I had the rest of my meatball grinder and coffee for my breakfast a few hours before I rode. But I recognized a bonk and fixed it. If not, I would have had a miserable return ride. 

Lots of people out riding of course. Lots of people who do not say hi, or good morning, or even acknowledge that you are there. What a bummer life they must lead. But good that they are out riding. even those women who ride with a helmet that is pushed way back on the head. Like it will do ANY good when in that position. Might as well not wear one. I pretty much wear one on the trail cuz of all the bikes out. Not that I like my helmet. but whatever. 

Damn, i have ridden three days in a row! and the Serfas seat is much better than the planet bike seat I just bought and have on the road bike. Much better. so… 

off to see if I can do some work, and to change that tubular. and maybe head over to the bike shop to see what is going on, yeah what’s going on.

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