January should not be this warm

But I will take it. Was able to get out on the last day of the month. Nice ride in Pachaug. Frozen roads still, a bit muddy, but not tire sucking. Frozen snow in patches, not enough to fall over

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When I went out on New Years day it was colder.

Progress on the Raleigh: I am thinking of ditching the project. The brakes will never be good enough to stop a loaded touring bike. And I cannot get replacements because they are the proprietary Raleigh cantis. The front derailleur cannot go out far enought to get on the big ring. I can file down the 4 sides of the spindle hole, but doing it evenly is a challenge. It needs to seat about 1/4 inch further on the spindle. Not really wanting to sink more money into the bike if it is not going to be safe. I should just concentrate on getting fit on the Trek, and look at going out to Colorado, do a few nights on the great divide trail, and seeing if it is what I expect. Then decide if I want to invest in a new bike, a gravel grinder for off road touring. Or an on-road touring bike. Too many decisions. We’ll just try the crank thing soon, and see…

If it is warm this weekend, I’ll go do Air Line trail. And I expect it to be warm. No winter this year. That means I don’t have to spend vacation days to stay home in the snow. Yeah, maybe one day if it snows this month, and that is very unlikely.

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