Like my brakes were on

It got above 40 and stopped raining. I rode pachaug. As soon as i got off the pavement the bike felt like that. My brakes were on. I had to walk a few of the tiny rises. Never had to do that before. Now maybe it was because last weekend i had the flu. Or a bad cold that hit me hard. But even going down the rises, i could feel the bike slow as i was going down. So it was not totally me. Then i felt woozy. I went to get off and i slow motion fell. Rolled on my back cuz i controlled it. I turned back at that point, no need to suffer. After another short break i popped in a chew as i really felt bad. The honey did the trick, by the time i was at the car i felt better. Thankfully i had them.
 Think i am going to ride the indoor bike to get some legs back. Maybe i will ride better next week. But this ride will be registered as awful
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