lo-flying robins, hi-viz freds, bullfrogs and asphalt

nearly hit a few robins flying lo, they were busy on the side of the trail gathering dinner for the kiddos. and the hi-viz onslaught was quite a bit more than the last few times i rode, which is weird because it was a bright bright sunshiny day. No need for hi-viz, other than to be “in”. in the “swamp” the ole bullfrogs were starting their song. On the return, there was a dragonfly already. I passed it, it did not seem to notice. A few more feet down the road, there was a dragonfly riding with me, about 3 feet in front of me, for about 100 feet or so. I smiled.

There is one spot on the trail that goes over Phelps Rd. A small bridge, and a short little rise. I got used to stomping this, standing and pushing. It’s short, like maybe 20ft. So I did it this ride. I guess maybe my rear QR was not as tight as it should have been. smack the ground hit me. skinned knee, brushed shin, elbow scrape, and palm pain, no scrape. No flowing blood,just skinned blood over, but the pain was real. and with the landing on the palm/elbow, the shoulder will stiffen up overnight. I can already feel it. and to make things even worse, i twisted my ankle. it’s been making me aware of it’s condition these past few weeks, and twisting it from the un-clipping, is bound to make me more aware of it soon.

I’m going to bring my Trek to ride for a few weeks, while I get back into shape.

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