longer shadows

Tonight I noticed the shadows were longer, the sun lower, and the wisps of autumn rollin gin. a few colors here and there. yes, it is coming.

my ride yesterday morning was a solid 15. great ride early in the morning. the mist still burning off the ponds and the lilies still sleeping on the surface. Not many cyclists out until I got towards 207. I guess it is too early for them. mostly a nice sort, many replies to my greetings. Not the usual grumpy gotta go do my all time best tonight so don’t bother me faces. tonight quite a few walkers and runners and one woman walking her bike back to her car I assume. blown ft. I greeted in a friendly way that she could have asked for assistance. On the way back she was still walking, and again, I greeted, but no words from her. her bike was decked out pretty nice, double bottles toe clips and a nice helmet. She had a seat bag but god knows she probably did not have a spare tube in it. wankers. 

tomorrow I will ride, my usual after work 10 or less. uggh. This week I am going to do it on the road

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