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I forced myself to ride yesterday and that made four days in a row that i have ridden. I dont think i have ridden that many days in a row for years. It was quite buggy even on airline. It was slower than wednesday.
 This morning my legs feel heavy. My whole body feels like a sloggy bag of bones. I doubt i will ride today since it will be very hot and humid. I will get my gianni tires pumped up. I want to see if that bike will take wider tires. 25 or maybe even 28. But i doubt that it will make the ride smoother. I will order them today. Try to ride longer into the season by being on the road. Yeah, i am thinking of the future. I want to get fitter. And keep it. Over the cold months i will ride both days on the weekend. And ride rollers or trainer every night. Get the weight off even more. And get the diabetes under control. That is part of the desire to ride every day. Getting it under control. I will succeed.
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