new observations on riding

Never used to use a camel bak much, except for MTB off road. now using one on every ride. Downside might outweigh upside. You cannot douse yourself during or after a ride. bummer. I’ll have to remember to bring a cooler with some water and other adult beverages in it.

Never used to ride with a helmet much, except for MTB. Now I do. And it is not very well ventilated. It is I guess designed for MTB riding, but on a hot and humid day like today, it was not comfortable at all. Might look into a more expensive one, that is massively ventilated.

I also need to remember to bring some sort of post ride food. refreshment. a sandwich maybe. And something other than water. Beer. yeah, beer. having a Sam Adams summer ale. It’s OK, but after having a Blue Moon honey summer wheat beer, it is bland. Wish the summer beers would be year round…

Oh, yeah, need to look into some good sunglasses for riding. again, no ventilation, stuck right up to my head and that made for even a hotter ride.

And I want to get a road bike. I want to zip and zoom. and ride on the road, not just the bike trail. I am looking into women specific bikes, and can probably spend $1000. It’s a toss up between a road bike, a new camera, or a new laptop. hmmmmmmmmmm

Might see if I can fix up my old Gianni Motta a bit. It will cost probably $500 to get new wheels, gears, pedals, seat, and whatever else. and it will still be heavy. hmmmmm decisions.

So, happy fourth. yippeeeeee. I get to spend the rest of the day now with the noise from the always on TV, either that or take them out for a drive. and then back to the noise. I was hoping to maybe get some work done… hmmmm

lots of hmmmmmmmmms today eh?

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