no helmet, no problem

I figured that the 45 degree temp, the fact that it is November, would keep the throngs of riders down to a dull roar, on the trail. I was right. The parking lot on Rt. 20 was half empty, and that was encouraging. No need for the helmet, ain’t no cars and the racer wannabes, and the “it’s summer let’s ride our bikes” types are inside. Only the hardy and lovers of bikes, and walking and jogging will be out here today.

I parked the buick and within 5 minutes I was riding. Decided to wear the rain/wind jacket, yeah yeah yeah, the hi-vis jacket. It was kinda chilly and i figured that once I got going, if it was too warm, I’d just pull it off. Had the cotton waffle undershirt, my themal long sleeve Sugoi jersey on, and felt that it might not be enough. 

Clip in

oh yes, steady pace, feeling no problems. the chain buzzes, no catching the derailleur cage, perfect gear, think I will stay in it all ride. mile marker near the parking says 18.5. I’ll ride til it says 25, there is a bench there to eat something and a good place to turn. that’s the plan. The bare trees show some parts of the trail sides that I had never seen. It’s been a while since I parked at that lot. Pedaling along, and feeling good but damn, I think I need to get winter gloves, the fingertips are freezing. Maybe they will warm up with another mile. Nope ain’t happening. stop and get out the alpaca half finger gloves to go over the bike gloves. ahhhh yes. within 5 minutes I can feel the difference even though they cover maybe a half inch more of my skin, it must be the warmth radiating from the hand, yup.. 

IMG 1616

I watch the sides of the road and see the water standing in the fields. Not frozen. heh yeah I was wondering it there would be ice crust on it. The sun is getting a work out today. I cross over to MA, and notice the stream on the side, it is flowing a bit more than all summer, must have been the storm, well, we did not get much rain in it, so who knows. I spy a couple kayaking up the stream. odd. up stream. and the water is barely a foot deep. strange. but whatever floats your boat. pun intended.

The sun is at an angle that the reflective beads in the yellow stripe paint that goes down the middle of the trail in MA, reflects into my eyes. aggravating. I am passed by a guy and his kid, they are pushing it a bit. Up ahead I see I am catching them again. Then they pull off to the red rooster cafe which is next to the trail. that racing will make you ravenous.

My riding is smooth, there is a bit if a headwind I think, not sure. Glad I brought that smart wool hat. Smart of me. It is perfect for a day like today. Wool always is. Not too many smells today, no pine, no wood. The trail has been clear, only one hint of a downed tree back at the start of my ride. Not much wind up here during the superstorm. I have sipped a few ounces from the bottle, I added a Nuun citrus tab to it, and it tastes pretty good. Next time I think I may bring the thermal keen kanteen with some hot tea. That would be perfect for the turn around snack. Oh, yes, here is the 25 mile marker, time to turn around. Sitting on the bench I dig through the rack pack and pull out the honey stinger waffle. This is going to taste good. It always does when on the bike. Kick back and relax for a few. make sure I take off the jacket so I am not sweating and then get chilled when I restart. 

IMG 1623

Waffle consumed, decide to forego the jacket on the ride back. Again, smooth ride. I am a bit chilly though. I really wish I had not gone on that rampage a couple years back and thrown out my warm wind jacket. The arm protection is what I need. 


Such a nice day. See a rider fall off the bike, she is ok, no idea how it happened, but I know all too well, shit happens. And, the mile marker is 21, not much more to go. perfect length of a ride. The fair weather riders sure missed a beautiful day to ride. So what if it is November? It is still good riding. Yep. back at the lot, and I dismount, feeling really refreshed and ready to take on the lack of work and lack of money that is my reality. I grab two bagels in town, with my delish lox cream cheese spread on them, one for mom one for me. And straight to the computer to write. I tried my best to hold all my writing thoughts in my head for the ride, I know I had more to say, but who cares. I rode, I wrote, I took a hot shower. end of the story of today.

IMG 1624

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