No ride for you!

Even though it is a perfect day to ride, probably one of the last warmishs sunday's we'll have until springtime, i doubt if i can do a ride. I hve to get back to granby and take mom to visit dad. It is gettting dark earlier and earlier. I may try to squeeze in a ride this week sometime in the morning, maybe tuesday or wednesday. We'll see. Supposed to stay warm for a few more days. I'll take as many warm days as i can now.

Still have not decided what to do for my ride this summer. What ride to use, what ride to do. More investigating is in order. As soon as my prison time in granby is over. I think i will be bringing the tools home this week, as well as the clothes. Make this my base now. Might as well. I can take a break from working and do stuff to my bikes. Always have loved working on my bikes. I may even decide to ride here in norwich, do some grocery runs, some short jaunts. Become the crazy bike lady. Yeah…

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