No ride holiday

Memorial day weekend. Drizzle, drunk adult child, caring for grandchildren, and a strange “injury” yesterday. Shoulder was real painful reaching forward. Not sure why, might have slept oddly. This morning at 5 am it seems better, still a twinge. Really tired too from the stress of the drunk.

Might do a ride with group tonight. On airline. Pachaug has been getting buggy, the deer flies will be out soon. Yuck. Saw a “slow roll” in new london i think on Mondays. That might be fun too. I want to put the fish on the road soon. And i need tires for trek.

I see people name their bikes and i have always thought ” gee, what is my bike’s name”. Never have been able to come up with one. It is more like what the bike does for me. Sanity. It brings a calm most times. Except for when a car in the forest ride is a jerk. It brought me sanity when i was in granby. It tries to bring some sort of sanity now when i am dealing with the drunk. I do wish that one of my children had taken to cycling. Maybe they would be less of a menace to the world. Yeah i can wish.

The morning greeting from a robin just came in my window. I should go back to sleep for a bit. I want to ride.

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