no strava no problem

so saturday decided strava was interfering with riding enjoyment. i doubt i will use it again on local rides. yeah when i go to maine i will, but for now, enough. i will count up the rides, not going to make that 100 ride mark but that was a good goal.

ran into some turkey 🦃 no pics and a doe and fawn who were intrigued but very defending. doe raised her front leg, i suppose to attack if her fawn was targeted. but fawn raised her tail and took off, learned her lesson well.
i think i will ride the raleigh again tonight. i have to be working on the bondi website too, so not sure. it is getting dark earlier and earlier. i have my headlight on in case i get delayed. love riding at that time too. something exciting about it.
and so the march to winter is on

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