nope but i survived it

such a beautiful day for riding. went airline cuz i could extend a ride, and boy did i extend it! got to usual 10 mile end but decided to go to 207. then decided to go to colchester spur. then to the colchester parking. wound up going all the way to 149 and ten some. as i turned i realized maybe my enthusiasm had gotten the best of me😛 . i had a little more than half my water left. and the uphill slog to get to my end. my butt was sore, left shoulder got cranky, and knee felt tweaked. i counted down the miles til it was downward dog time. and that came and there was great rejoicing. in my head.
 lots of people out riding. i think i will try pachaug again tomorrow and see how the deer flies are doing. if they are getting worse, i will switch to airline for the rest of the summer. put on some less grippy tires. and see if i can get at least one road bike running. sigh, to have spending money.
 le tour started. my man valverde crashed out in opening stage. now quintana will not win. peter sagan was booted today, for nothing. just hand the jersey to Sky and forget the rrst of the race. tour de farce

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