oh my

yeah, like i said, i forget that i have here too to write. 

Not been on a ride in weeks. Had to move mom, and that took a few weeks in prep and move.

I finally solved the rear tire problem. I could not get those nice road tires mounted on the rear wheel. I thought it was the tire. being small. but good quality tires are never bad like this. I bought some gravel/road tires for it, and still, rear would not mount. I looked at the problem, and looked. Then one day I saw that the only diff between that wheel and ft wheel was that I had put a fancy schmancy rim strip on it. And it was thick. extrapolated over the circumference of the feel, just enough to not allow the tire to go on. Took it off and bang. I used some masking tape for the rim, that won’t last long. Now I can get the rest of the bike fixed up and test it out. See if I have a bike. May have to get a different stem set up, more upright. and the QR for the rear brake is blocked by the rack struts. Minor problems. But, it will be done soon. Short days have their advantages. not many, but a few. 

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