On Labor Day Weekend

I could not get my ass up in the morning yesterday, it was chilly. Wuss me. So I rode at the end of the day. The sun went behind the hills and it got chilly. I had my headlight with me, and I see that I can use this for going on this ride now after work, for about another two weeks. May have to shorten the ride a bit. Or ride with headlight for a lot longer. We will see. I plan on getting up early tomorrow and riding. It will be chilly, but that will allow me to do a longer ride. My Strava said the new parking spot to my usual turnaround is 10.6 miles. I will ride further down the trail tomorrow, and see how the terrain is. Maybe ride to Rt 207.

My head is spinning with some ideas for bike bags. I am getting a new sewing machine soon, and if I can finally make patterns, I will make a bag or two. I may name the company dragonfly ride. Or two feathers cycles.or just me. whatever. Not in a real good mood today. don’t know why. I should have ridden. Don’t really have to time to prep and get on the road.

But tomorrow, yes I will ride and I will go longer. Say goodbye to summer.

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