owl, i see you

Wednesday’s ride I saw the owl, a big one, and it saw me. this is the one I have been seeing a few times. pretty awesome flight. Last night I saw an owl again, he came swooping out of the woods and onto the trail for a bit, next to me, and then back into the trees. I spotted him, and I stopped. It looked at me. I think it is a barn owl. but this one did not look as big as the one before, as it sat in the tree for that second. I will have to pay closer attention. but my ride waas meh, not really inspiring. but I rode 10 again. I’ll try to keep it at 10 until it is too dark to make it that far. Today there may not be a ride, it is raining and it is going to rain the rest of the day. we will see.

going to put the knobbiest back on, the gravel tires don’t work well in the loose roundabouts at the gates.

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