I want to ride

Rain today. Yesterday dinner with siblings. Thursday, hmm oh yeah did airline. I just really need to unplug destress. The drunk child has finally hit bottom maybe. We shall see. I will do a wet slop at pachaug tomorrow. Have to remember to up the tire pressure.  And i want a new bike   - Posted using BlogPress … Continue reading I want to ride

good week

I have 32.8 miles this week, three rides. Can't ride tonight, and tomorrow it is rain, and have to also take care of grandchildren. So maybe Sunday I can get a start for next week. want to hit the 40mile mark for a week.


I rode after work tonight. nice to be able to do this. The snow has melted off for the most part, and the daylight is longer every day. I have had a few rides this month, but with the frigging snowstorms, riding has been hard. I may try for another ride tomorrow if it does … Continue reading yehah!