the call from touchpoints came Friday morning. Since dad went on hospice care 4 weeks ago it was a call i have been waiting for. After Chris left Tuesday, it was a call that i knew would come within days. Dad had passed away. I know that i was “lucky” to have both parents this long. But the last 6 years for him was terrible. Confusion, fear, strangeness and pain. He was never happy being confined to indoors. Then to a wheelchair. He was never going to come back to any semblance of his normal self. Dementia does not play fair.
 In some way though it is like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. No more calls from the home with an update. Some peace for my heart.
 Now i have to get the last paperwork done for him, and eventually bury his ashes.
 He’s gone fishing one last time, forever with God.
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