pissed off

I  was putting the brakes on the raleigh yesterday. I decided to swap out the cantilevers for the old ones from the trek, and had installed the rear ones a few weeks ago, they were kinda tough to do, which is weird. I then decided to swap the v-brakes I have on the trek now, go back to the cantis on that bike and put the stronger vbrakes on the raleigh. I see that the spring anchor pin is on the wrong side for the raleigh. I check the trek, the hole on the fork is on the inboard side. The raligh is outboard. SO I went off in search of answers, cuz there is no way to mount the brakes. I find out that this type of brake mount was a very proprietary version, and that getting a brake for it is going to be very hard if not impossible. I have to use the old wide armed cantis, or find a pair of Diacompe 986/987 brakes. Not easy, not cheap. No other solution. SOOOOOOOO I guess my dream of making this bike a long distance tourer is over. I’ll slap these old brakes on it, and then a cheap rack and make it a commuter go to store bike. And start saving for a stock tourer frame to build. Crap

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