It hurt real bad Saturday night. I mean screaming. Good thing I found my tramadol. Sunday was rough, mainly because it was beautiful out and I wanted to ride. But taking the tram made for not riding, I would be too doped. Monday night my shoulder started to hurt, in the bak. shoulder blade. I could not take deep breaths, could not put weight on it to get in and out of bed, could not lie on it. It hurt into my chest to the point that I thought I was having a heart attack or stroke, don’t know if strokes hurt or not. I probably fractured something. it was better Tuesday morning a bit, and at night it was still bothering me, but not as bad. I still have a wee bit of pain when I take a deep breath. So I really need to be more careful. Maybe full body armor? a bike air bag? whatever. the cut is not painful, but burns and stings as it heals. I have to keep these stitches for another whole week. uggh. they will hurt like hell to get them out. 13 of them. uggh.

I will probably ride Saturday morning, even if it is raining. Helmet on, rain jacket on. yes… and on sunday also. No more during the week after next week. I got a nice headlight, so maybe just maybe I can ride once my ankle is healed more and I feel like hustling on out to the trail.

damn. getting old sucks. but this is a good, badge worthy scar!

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