quick rides

quick rides do me good. went out this morning, it was threatening to rain. took off north on the trail. yep, about at the road for the congamond lakes, it started to sprinkle. I stopped and put on my hi-viz rain jacket.

IMG 1961

turned and headed back to car. of course, halfway there, it stopped spindling. but I had already decided to just do a shortie.

It felt good. The bike looks real cool with it’s white wheels and tires.

I think I will bring the old raleigh up to the trail tomorrow. Give it a run through. Then decide what I am going to change on it further. But I really do not want to ride any other bike than my Motta. I knew that this would happen. Hard to go to big and cumbersome from small and nimble. We’ll see if I can handle it. At least the raleigh is steel, not butt numbing alu.

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